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The Basal Alignment Project offers replacement lessons for basal readers developed prior to the Common Core State Standards. Hundreds of teachers worked collaboratively to develop these materials. Each lesson was authored, edited, and reviewed by a team of teachers to improve alignment to college- and career-ready standards, such as the Common Core. These lessons emphasize key aspects of college- and career-ready standards, including quality sequenced text-dependent questions, improved integrated writing tasks, and a focus on academic vocabulary. The resources below explain how to identify and create text-dependent and text-specific questions that deepen student understanding and how to recognize academic vocabulary.

Please note: as basal readers are updated, the page numbers referenced and unit/week designations found within these lessons may no longer be accurate, and the context of the questions and tasks will need to be used to determine the specific pages.

These lessons can be used immediately in the classroom and for professional development. Learn how to create your own standards-aligned lessons using high quality trade books, or train educators in your district.

College- and career-ready standards, including the CCSS, expect students to use evidence from texts to present careful analyses, well-defended claims, and clear information. One critical way to help students develop these skills is through the use of text-dependent questions: questions that can only be answered by referring back to the text.

The Text-Dependent Question Resources include tools to help write and evaluate text-dependent questions, as well as a link to lesson materials featuring sequences of text -dependent questions meant to deepen student understanding of the text.

Tier 2 (academic vocabulary) words appear in many different contexts and are often subtle or precise ways to say relatively simple things, for example “relative” or “accumulate". Since these aren't words that will typically be used in a student's conversations and they aren't domain-specific, they should be given more focus than Tier 1 and Tier 3 vocabulary.

The Academic Word Finder pulls the most useful academic vocabulary words from a given text - those that are not too common and not too rare. There may be other academic vocabulary words the tool does not highlight that a teacher determines are important to the text. This tool doesn't replace teacher judgment; rather it helps to support the teacher in identifying which academic words to consider first. Teachers also must gauge what words are most effective for their students' current vocabulary levels.

KonMari Consultants are officially certified to help you tidy your home using the KonMari Method™.

KonMari Certified Consultants not only share the knowledge and skills of organizing, but also help clients identify what they value in life, through the process of organizing.

Consultants guide and support their client to completely organize the client’s home, creating their ideal space, while understanding that organizing one’s space is a very personal issue.

Consultants’ mission is to support as many people as possible, through organizing, in living their ideal lives.

Consultants are assigned levels that correspond to how many tidying sessions they have completed with clients using the KonMari Method™, as well as the number of clients who have completed tidying their homes.

10 tidying sessions

with 2 clients

50 tidying sessions

with 5 clients

100 tidying sessions

with 10 clients

200 tidying sessions

with 20 clients

300 tidying sessions

with 30 clients

500 tidying sessions

with 50 clients

Find a KonMari Consultant to guide you through the KonMari Method™ of tidying your home and start leading a life that sparks joy.

There are currently no certified consultant that meet this criteria

What do the different color levels mean?

Regardless of level, each Consultant is officially certified and trained in the same program.

Consulant Certification Levels (Minimum requirements)

Certified Green: Completed 10 tidying sessions with 2 clients.

Certified Bronze: Completed 50 tidying sessions with 5 clients.

Certified Silver: Completed 100 tidying sessions with 10 clients.

Certfied Gold: Completed 200 tidying sessions with 20 clients.

Certified Platinum: Completed 300 tidying sessions with 30 clients.

Certified Master: Completed 500 tidying sessions with 50 clients.

How do I book a Consultant?

A listing of all KonMari Ceritifed Consultants can be found above. You can reach out to them directly by clicking the Contact button on their profile.

Can I become a Consultant?

Absolutely! You can learn more about the steps to becoming a KonMari Certified Consultant on our Seminars page .

Where can I learn more?

For answers to any other questions not covered here, please air jordan 10 double nickel 2015

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Paleontologist Gregg Gunnell, Director of the Division of Fossil Primates from 2011-2017, amidst the DFP’s collection of more than 30,000 fossils. Specimens range from 55 million to 500 years old and provide important clues to primate evolution. Photo by Duke University Photography.

The Division of Fossil Primates (DFP) houses rare and unique collections of vertebrates from around the world that document the complexity, diversity, and evolutionary history of life over the past 55 million years. Thesecollections include what is probably nike blazer high vintage red
, the group that includes living monkeys, apes, and humans. In addition, itsskeletal specimens of extinct giant lemurs from Madagascar are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Over 30,000 specimens are housed at DFP and span time ranges from 55 to 48 million years (Wyoming), 37 to 19 million years (Egypt), 18 to 7 million years (India), and 10,000 to 500 years (Madagascar).

Although the DFP collections focus primarily on primates,many other mammals and vertebrates are also represented. Specimens range from nearly complete skeletons of subfossils from Madagascar to skulls, dentitions, and isolated postcranial elements from Egypt, India, and Wyoming. An extensive collection of comparative casts and recent primate skeletons is also included in the DFP collections.

Duke and the Duke Lemur Center areusingMorphoSource to build a “virtual ark” of the DFP’s fossils, giving researchers and students — even high-schoolers! — in the U.S. and around the worldfree access to our fossil specimenswithout having to drive or flyto our facility. “By scanning them in the microCT and creating these beautiful 3-D models, we can digitize the specimens and share them online. Instead of being locked in a museum drawer, they’re freely available .” Ourgoal is to make every specimen in the DFP’s vastcollection digitally available as soon as possible.

DFP specimens currently available for download and study via MorphoSource can be viewed here .

MorphoSource was developed by Doug Boyer of Duke’s Department of Evolutionary Anthropology. To learn how digitizing natural history collections and making them digitally available to anyone with a computer and internet access “stands to have a transformative impact on natural sciences,” see “Natural history collections in the digital age” (Research Features Magazine, 2017) .

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