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I have never been much of an air freshener person—spreading fake scents into the air (like spray room fresheners) always made me gag a bit, so that is double true when you are talking about sealing yourself off in a small enclosed space, like your car, with such a scent. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to add a naturally fresh scent to your car with essential oils, and you can trade the tacky pine tree hanging from your rearview mirror for a cute chain of wool balls instead!

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small clothespins -embroidery thread -large darning needle essential oils


Cut a piece of embroidery thread that is about 16″ long. Thread one end though the metal spring loop in the center of your clothespin (you may want to use the needle to do that if you can’t just poke the thread through), pull through until you hit the center of your thread, and then tie a knot about 1″ below the clothespin.Thread both your thread ends though the needle and add on three wool balls with the color you want on top first. Make a knot after the third ball.

Slide your small tassel onto one of your threads, and knot again to keep the tassel in place. All your components are now in place, but we’ll do one more step to hide the thread in the bottom wool ball.Thread both of your thread ends through your needle again and pull the thread back up through the center of your bottom wool ball and out the top. Trim the thread as close to where it came out as you can. Now your thread ends are neatly tucked away and your diffuser is ready to use!! Choose a nike vintage trainers sale
(our oils are therapeutic grade oils and 100% pure essential oil with no fillers) and add 3-4 drops of the oil of your choice to the wool ball section of your diffuser. If you want to mix scents (great idea!), try 1-2 drops of each scent and see how strong the scent is before adding more. To install, simply use the clothespin to attach your felted ball chain onto one of your vent slats and enjoy the drive! If you hang it higher on your vent you also get the added benefit of getting a little extra burst of scent when the heat/air is being blown out, but you can hang it on the lowest rung if you’d rather that not happen too. I have seen that some people will hang air freshener type things from their rearview mirror, but hanging anything from the mirror is actually illegal to do in most states, so I say stick with the vent clip. Just add more oils to refresh the scent as needed. Now, as far as what scent to use, that’s totally up to you, but may I suggest a calming lavender or rosemary for your rush hour traffic commute? xo. Laura

Hi! We're Glossier.

Ah keratin, most confusing and seductive of straightening treatments. There's a lot of marketing, a lot of conflicting information, and a lot of people with follicular/emotional scarring from the Great Brazilian Freakout of '09 (NEVER FORGET). Usually, we'd just run around screaming “Keratiiiiiin' like ersatz beauty-industry versions of Animal from The Muppets, but this is important, so instead we teamed up with Rudy Pena, the “Curl and DeFrizz Specialist' (great job title) at buy air jordan 6 unc black
—he does this all day, every day—for a handy straightening guide.

Here are 10 key facts about keratin ( nike blazers green and white background ALo0RlR
, because welcome to the internet):

Fact the First: WTF Is Keratin Straightening? This TF Is Keratin Straightening Your hair is made of keratin, so a keratin treatment pretty much consists of marinating yourself in even more of the stuff until it sticks (heat helps this process). It smooths out the surface of follicles and, depending on how much you use, releases curls, takes out waves, etc. It makes hair shinier and helps prevent breakage, too. It's not cheap—salons can charge anywhere from $200–$600—and it's tricky. So don't grab the first Groupon you see.

Fact the First: WTF Is Keratin Straightening? This TF Is Keratin Straightening

Fact 2: Keratin Treatments, Unlike Face Tattoos, Aren't Permanent Keratin washes out eventually. Most treatments last about eight weeks, but it could be up to six months. Obviously, this is something you want to ask about beforehand unless you enjoy literally any kind of surprise, even like “Surprise! Your hair is straight for half a year!”

Fact 2: Keratin Treatments, Unlike Face Tattoos, Aren't Permanent

Fact 3: Keratin Straighteners Shouldn't Be Carcinogenic If you're freaked out by the low level of formaldehyde that's produced during classic keratin treatments, be direct when you make your appointment and say you'll only accept formaldehyde-free services (there are a lot of new options). “Not only is it a more pleasant olfactory experience, it's also safer for your skin and eyes!” Pena says.

Fact 3: Keratin Straighteners Shouldn't Be Carcinogenic

Fact 4: You Can Use Keratin To Get Rid Of Frizz Without Straightening Your Curls If all you want is slightly smoother texture, keratin can do that, too. Ask for a weaker formulation that won't release curls. Pena loves the Zero Frizz Quickie treatment in particular because “there's no downtime; you can wash your hair that night, and you're back to natural in six to eight weeks!” Coincidentally, Pena also created Zero Frizz Quickie, but we won't hold that against him.

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